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Child Wellbeing

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Designated Lead for Children's Wellbeing and Mental Health: Miss Clarke
Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mr Rowan, Miss Clarke, Mrs Marshall and Dr Barnwell (Governor)
Inclusion Manager: Miss Douglass


CAMHS are the NHS services that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.
CAMHS support covers depression, problems with food, self-harm, anger and anxiety, to name a few.
There are local NHS CAMHS services around the UK, with teams made up of nurses, therapists, pyschologists, support workers and social workers, as well as other professionals.  To visit the website please click here.



NSPCC Mental Health Advice
Mental illness and thoughts of harm can affect anyone, of any age, of any background, at any time.  Like with physical illnesses, people don’t choose to have a mental health problem. 
It can be difficult to know if a child is suffering as they often keep it to themselves.  The NSPCC can offer advice on how best to support your child. To visit the website for more information click here.

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Health for Kids

Health for Kids is a fantastic resource for health-related subjects for children aged 4-11 years.  It includes exciting activities, games and advice on everything from staying healthy to managing feelings.  For access to the website please click here.

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Childline have launched an area on their website specifically for children under 12.  Childline Kids has child-friendly advice on many topics; from family and relationships to school worries, self-esteem and bullying.  It also features games and videos providing a fun and reassuring, safe space for children online.  To find out more please visit the website by clicking here.

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We know kids love sugary things. But too much sugar can lead to serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, which people are getting younger than ever before, and heart disease.

We've got an easy way to cut back on sugar, with lower sugar swaps on the things we eat every day.

That means kids get less sugar, but are still happy!

To have a look at the website click here.

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Useful Books

  1. What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (Paperback – 31 Oct 2005)

  2. Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids (Paperback – 5 Dec 2013)

  3. What's Going On Inside My Head? Starting conversations with your child about positive mental health (Hardcover – 21 Feb 2019)

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