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Welcome to the Year 1 Maths page. Throughout the year we will be following the National Curriculum to develop our skills in Number, Measure and Geometry. We will study our Maths in a variety of different fun and engaging ways.

Image result for maths at homeThere are many ways that you can help you child at home with their maths in order to reinforce and develop their skills. Counting when walking up and down the stairs, playing shop and number bond games are just some examples. If you would like any more suggestions please feel free to contact us.


In Year 1 we have been learning how to count forwards and backwards to 100 and we have used objects to represent the numbers. 

We have also been working hard to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and identify one more and one less than a given number.

Addition and Subtraction

Year 1 have been practicing their number bonds 10 and 20 and they are becoming confident to add and subtract one digit and two digit numbers. 

They have even been learning how to find the missing number in sums such as 7 + ___ = 11 and 13 = 6 + ____.


Year 1 have been learning that half is one of two equal parts and that one quarter is one of four equal parts. 

We have found halves and quarters of shapes and numbers and even done some word problems. 


We have been focussing on measuring the length, weight and capacity of objects. We have learnt new vocabulary and identifed objects that are longer, shorter, heavier and lighter. We have even had lots of fun ordering ourselves from tallest to shortest. We are getting very good at using this new vocabulary. 

Multiplication and Division

Year 1 have been multiplying by 10's, 5's and 2's. We have found groups of numbers and drawn arrays. We know that we can use our times tables to add the groups together and find the answers. 

We have been learning all about division. We know that this means sharing equally between different groups. We have practiced our new skills in lots of practical ways and are becoming more confident with sharing numbers. Have a look at some of our examples.

10 shared by 2 = 5                6 shared by 2 = 3

20 shared by 5 = 4                50 shared by 5 = 10


Year 1 have learnt the names of lots of 2D and 3D and they have been finding out about their properties. 

Position and Direction

We have had lots of fun learning about position and direction. Year 1 have been using the aparatus in the hall to show knowledge of language such as on top of, above, between, around, near and far. 

Year 1 have also used their knowledge of fractions to do half, quarter and 3 quarter turns.