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This term, our writing and reading will be inspired by two books – The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells and Belonging by Jeannie Baker. The latter is a book of artwork by Baker who is an Australian artist and environmentalist.


We will develop our literacy skills by writing in many different styles and formats including persuasive letters, news reports, stories, poems, play scripts and non-chronological reports.


We will work on our spelling, grammar and punctuation daily and also improve our reading comprehension through guided reading sessions.


As ever, we advise parents to do as much reading with children at home as possible too.


Here is our spelling list. There will be a selection of ten spellings from this list each week. Try to learn a few each week!


  • Improving our knowledge of Place value

       (including numbers with two decimal places)

  • Powers of 10,100 and 1000
  • Written methods of calculation
  • Fractions
  • Mental calculation strategies
  • Statistics
  • Converting units of measure and time


During the first half of the spring term our History topic is 'The Romans.' We will learn about how and why the Romans came to Britain. We will discover why they had the most organised and feared army in the Ancient world. We will investigate The Celts, the people who lived in Britania when the Romans invaded. The Roman way of life will also be studied in detail: What they ate, how they kept clean and how they enjoyed themselves.

The Roman topic is also a perfect opportunity for cross-curicular learning. We will create our own Roman artwork including mosaics and clay busts. Work on Roman numerals will compliment our Maths work and we will even learn some Latin and how it links to our spelling and grammar in English today.

In the second half term we will move on to study the Mayans. We will discover the beliefs and lifestyle of this South American civilisation.  

Religious Education

During the first half-term our focus will be 'Jesus the teacher.' We will learn about how Christ is the greatest teacher of all. We will study his parables, the Beatitudes and the way he taught us to pray. The second half term will focus on 'Jesus the Saviour.' This will marry perfectly with our work throughout Lent preparing for Holy Week.

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