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Welcome to Year 5

Please click the links below if require any further information about the Year 5 Curriculum


Year 5 Curriculum


This term, Year 5 are reading modern fiction: Clockwork by Philip Pullman and Skellig by David Almond. We are looking at how to introduce tension to our writing and developing our use of expanded noun phrases and complex sentences.

We are also looking at non-fiction writing: We are reading recounts, including Shackeleton's Incredible Journey and texts about climbing Mount Everest.


Here is our spelling list. There will be a random selection of ten spellings from this list every Friday. Try to learn a few each week!

Punctuation and Grammar

Please make sure that you can recognise and explain:

There is a handy guide to all this here for adults.


This half-term, Year Five will focus on:

The best website to use is mathsisfun, which covers everything that we need. Just be careful - the work goes up to GCSE level, so don't try anything too hard!


Our topic for the next two terms in the Anglo-Saxons.



We are currently looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon (and space in general) and life cycles of living things.


We are currrently looking at mountains with a particular focus on the Himalayas and Tibet.