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Autumn Term 2018-19

Class Teacher: Mr Finn

Mr Finn(1)

ETAs: Mrs Curry and Miss Whaling

Miss WhalingMrs Curry


Year 5 Curriculum

Religious Education

In our RE lessons this term we will study two units of work. In the first half term we will consider all of the wonderful gifts we have been given by God. We will think about why we personally have been given specific gifts and how we can use them to spread God's love amongst the people we meet.

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In the second half term we will learn about the 10 Commandments. These are the laws which were given to Moses during the Israelites exodus from Egypt. The Commandments are still at the core of our Catholic faith today. We shall consider how best we can follow these commands, why they are so important and also how we can respond to breaking those commandments.

As well as Curriculumn RE, we will pray and worship together daily. This beautiful time will give us chance to grow in faith, love and understanding of Jesus and deepen our personal relationships with Him. 


In English this term we will be reading a range of texts. We will begin by reading two fantasy stories, namely Clockwork and Skellig. In the second half term we will begin reading adventure stories about famous explorers. We will begin with Shackelton's Incredible Journey and move onto recounts of expeditions on Mount Everest 

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We will also read and write different forms of non-fiction, including non-chronological reports and newspaper writing.

Punctuation and Grammar

Please make sure that you can recognise and explain:

There is a handy guide to all this here for adults.


Here is our spelling list. There will be a random selection of twelve spellings from the list each week. Tests will be each Thursday.


This half-term, Year Five will focus on:

The best website to use is mathsisfun, which covers everything that we need. Just be careful - the work goes up to GCSE level, so don't try anything too hard! RM Maths is also a great site for daily maths practise and every child has their own personal log-in so that they can work at their own level at home. 


In History we will be studying The Anglo-Saxons. We will discover who they were, where they came from and the impact they have had on this country.




We will begin the term learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We will then move on to learning about the life cycles of plants and animals.

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We will be studying the Himalayas in Geography befor moving on to study the lines we find on world maps.

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