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Year 6


Teacher - Mrs Uttley        Y6 support - Mr Anwar


Welcome to Year 6.

We will be working really hard this year to make sure you have a happy challenging and fulfilling final year at Our Lady of Lourdes.





Year 6 visit the library on a Friday to swap their reading books. It is important that library books are brought into school every day, as we read in class most days. The children spend time each week with their 'Reading Buddies' from Year 2.

'Reading Champions' from each year group are celebrated each week in our Award Assembly every Friday. 

Children are expected to read at home as often as possible to encourage their love of reading and to improve fluency.

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Please see the Homework Grid for the activities that the children can complete at home each half term. It is really important that the children read, practise their Times Tables and Spellings as often as possible. 


New spellings are given out on a Monday and the children are tested on these spellings the following Monday. Spelling lists are based on Year 6 curriculum spellings and the rules we are learning in class. It is really important that children learn their spellings so that they can apply them in their writing. 

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Times Tables

The children have a Times Table test every Tuesday and a Times Table Champion is chosen and celebrated as part of our school award assembly on a Friday morning. It is really important that children in Year 6 know all their Times Table facts up to 12 x 12 and also the division facts e.g. 144 รท 12 = 12. Please keep practising these regularly at home. 

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Our PE day is Friday.

Please make sure that children have a suitable indoor PE kit (navy blue or black shorts and a white t-shirt) and outdoor PE kit in school during term time.

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During this term we will be reading the following books which we will complete a range of different activities about including VIPERS comprehensions. We will also use these texts to help support us in our writing. 

download(3)download (4)download(5)

Throughout Year 6 we will be practising writing a range of different genres. This term we start with a range of non-fiction writing including newspaper reports and non-chronological reports. We will explore the use of sub-headings as well as colons, semi-colons, bullet points and parenthesis. Then, we will move onto Emotive Writing, such as diaries and letters. We will explore clause structure, linking paragraphs, our choice of vocabulary and a variety of sophisticated puncuation.

It can be hard to remember all the necessary features needed for different genres so here is a writing checklist to help!



Topics to be covered this year are:

  • Animals including humans
  • Electricity 
  • Light
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Evolution and Inheritance

Our topic this term is 'Light'.  We will be studying:

  • how we see things
  • reflection
  • refraction
  • how light enables us to see colours
  • shadows

Below, are a list of websites the children can use to practise their Science.







Throughout Year 6 we cover a range of areas in Maths. These include the following:

  • Undertanding and applying numbers
  • Numbers and the number system
  • Calculations
  • Handling Data 
  • Shape, Space and Measures

This term we will be revising our arithmetic calculations including: the Four Operations, fractions, decimals and percentages.  We will also be learning about: Co-ordinates, ratio, shapes, measurements and algebra. 

Below, are a list of websites the children can use to practise their Maths.








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