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What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning is learning that takes place away from school.  The class teacher will have set work for their pupils, but will have to guide them through it via an online system.  At Our Lady’s we will be using Zoom to teach the children and the school website to send out the work.

When will remote learning be used?

Remote learning will take place when a class or group of children cannot come to school.  For example, a class bubble may have to isolate at home if a child in the class tests positive for COVID 19.  We would also use Remote Learning if the Government declared another lockdown.


How do I access Remote Learning for my child?

Go to the school website  https://ourladyoflourdesschool.org.uk/

Click on the Login button on the bottom, right hand corner of the screen.



You will then be taken to your child’s homepage.  This page is individual to each child.  Instructions for the homepage can be found on the back of this guide.  All the work set by the teacher will be found on this page.  You will also be able to email the class teacher for any advice via this page. 

As well as using our school website, the teacher will also carry out lessons via Zoom to explain the work with the children.

How will lessons take place?

If your child has to work from home, you will be sent a code to access the Zoom lessons via School Ping.  There will be three lessons each day.  Your child's timetable can be found on their classroom tab.

Please be ready to log onto the lesson promptly and the teacher will admit you into the lesson when it is time to start.  The teaching input will last no more than 30 minutes and then your child will be given work to complete independently.  Their work will usually be posted on their personal homepage.

What will my child need for a Remote Learning lesson?

There are a number of things that your child need for each lessons.

  • Homework Book                                                                
  • Pencil/pen
  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Internet/Wifi connection
  • Zoom account and passcode for the lessons
  • Personal Homepage on the Website
  • A quiet space to work


How do we return completed work?

There are a number of ways to return completed work.

  1. If your child has done work on a worksheet or sheet of paper, you can take a photograph and email it to homework@ourladyoflourdesschool.org.uk
  2. For any work done on the computer, they should save that onto the hard drive and email it to the same email address as above.
  3. There is also a section on their personal homepage for them to upload their work and keep a record of it. 
  4. Make sure that you have saved any completed work to your home hard drive first.
    1. Go to the “My Work” tab on their homepage.
    2. There is a button which will allow you to begin a new piece of work or upload documents onto your work page.
    3. Your class teacher will be notified when you have completed and uploaded a piece of work.
    4. Photographs and drawings can also be uploaded using this method.

We would encourage children to use option 3, where possible, as it keeps all their work in one place.

We do not have access to laptop/tablet or internet connection – what do we do?

If you child cannot get access to a computer and they are working from home, please contact the school office as soon as possible, as there are ways that we can offer help.

Also, if there is no internet connection at home, please let us know .

Home learning pack are availabile to collect on Friday mornings between 9.30 am - 12 pm.

My child is stuck on their work and I am unable to help – who should I contact?

If your child is struggling with their work, they can contact their class teacher by using the email button on their homepage.  Click on the teacher’s name and tell them what the problem is.  Please be patient as it can take time for the teacher to respond to all the queries.  If it is urgent, and school is open, you can contact the school office and a member of staff will try to help you

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