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Support For Families

Kirklees Community Response

Kirklees has opened a new dedicated helpline as part of their Covic-19 Community Response.  They are working alongside citizens, local organisations and voluntary organisations to make sure that neighbours and communities are supported over the coming weeks.  There is a Kirklees Council helpline and online form that anyone can use to either request help, or to offer support to others.  Response teams in local places will be matching requests for help with offers of support, so that they can work together to support the most vulnerable in our communities.

How to request support or offer support: Online or Telephone

· https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/advice-support-and-sharing/covid-19-community-response.aspx

· Community Response helpline: 01484 226919.  The helpline will initially be open from 8am to 6pm, Mon - Fri.

Talking to Your Children about Coronavirus

The Children's Commission have created a useful guide on how to talk to your child about Coronavirus.  There is advice on helping them manage their feelings, as well as ways to keep children entertained whilst socially isolating. Just click on the link below for more information.

Children's Guide to Coronavirus


Are you looking for Mental Health & Wellbeing support in Kirklees?

 We are the commissioned, Community Adult Mental Health service providers from the voluntary sector, working together to provide a better mental health service in Kirklees.          The Kirklees Mental Health Partnership aims to work together better to: 

  • Improve community mental health services for people and with people 
  •  Ensure services are accessible to all
  • Increase positive outcomes for people in our services  
  • Enable and create independence and resilience  
  • Increase prevention and early intervention work 

 To find out more about any service you are interested in, or to make a referral for yourself or someone else.  Please click here for a list of service providers and links to their websites.

Catholic Care

Catholic Care will be launching its Community Response Service to support those in our Catholic communities who are sick, self-isolating, have been adversely financially impacted or are finding it difficult to cope.

A team of Catholic Care workers (we may expand later to incorporate volunteers) will be available to support parishioners and families in a number of ways:

• A telephone support service. This service will provide a listening ear and a friendly voice for those experiencing isolation in their community.

• A pick up and drop off groceries and pharmacy service.

• A hamper delivery service for those experiencing financial hardship.

How to request support: Online or Telephone

The service will be available 8am to 6pm, Mon - Fri

Please contact us on 07739975001 or 7739975008 or 07739975009 or email janet.kent@catholic-care.org.uk or Jessica.price@catholic-care.org.uk if you would like to access this service or you would like to refer a person in your Parish or school community.

Kirklees Libraries

During these difficult times Kirklees Libraries are passionate in ensuring that we all stay connected with our customers and continue to offer a wealth of online reading material and learning resources whilst at home.

Over the last weeks we have been working hard to collect fantastic online resources to share with you, your pupils, parents and guardians and have updated our

Kirklees Libraries Resources website 


Here you will find a selection of useful resources

  • Virtual Library
  • Wellbeing
  • Creative Children
  • Creative Adults
  • Making Reading Fun
  • Staying Safe
  • Learning Resources

We have also been busy adding new titles to our e-books catalogue and now have over 20,000 titles! https://kirklees.overdrive.com/

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