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Hello Nursery Parents.

Here are some suggestions to help you continue your childs education at home:-

Don't feel pressuured to do all the activities at once, take time to play, do creative activities, get outside in the garden and look at minibeasts, plants, clouds or the weather or just have a quiet storytime and enjoy spending time together.  Lets pray for a speedy end to this pandemic and getting back together again.

Stay calm stay safe, enjoy the little things around you.

God Bless

Mrs Longton       

*Don't forget to collect* your Homework Packs *from school to collect from Wednesday*

Click on here  for some daily activities  you can do with your child at home:-

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This Weeks Learning Activities

In case you have missed or not been able to access last weeks activites I have left them on the website. For last weeks activites Click below V

  Last Weeks Learning Activities 


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Our Trip to Cannon Hall  PowerPoint

If there is something that you are proud of, ask your parents to send us an email, giving school permission to put your good work onto our website.  Whether you have been keeping up with your Maths and English, or have been using this time to develop and practise new talents, please let us know. The email address is:


Hello Reception Parents and Carers,

Here are some continued suggestions to help you with your child's education at home:

Please don't feel pressured to do all of the activites, and if you do attempt them they don't need to be attempted all at once! 

Please also remember to take the time to enjoy spending time with your child - exploring outside as well as perhaps a read story in the evening for you to share together! 

Fingers crossed if we haven't seen you and your child back at school yet we will be seeing you all back at school safe and well in September...

Miss Dickson smiley 


We are still enjoying recieving the homework packs that are being returned back and thank you for taking the time to do them...

We are continuing to revise our phase 3 phonic sounds and this week have been covering 'ai' and 'ee'. 

'ai' video link   <  Click Here

'ee' video link <  Click Here

Please see below for the phonic workbooks if you would like to attempt doing these with your child...  

In maths this week we have revised addition up to 20, 2D shapes and money (using 1p's only)

2D shapes video link < Click Here

Click on the documents below to do this weeks maths activities...


Our topic this week is under the sea.

We have continued to encourage the children to do Under the Sea crafts and writing about sea creatures where possible...

There are so many great children's books based under the sea which you may wish to read with your child such as; 

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister < Click Here

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson < Click Here

The Fish Who Could Wish by John Bush < Click Here

Barry the Fish with Fingers by Sue Hendra < Click Here

*If you don't have access to the books, please click on the links to see the animated versions of the stories.

tip: Ask your child about the stories, can they recall what happened? Can they tell you who their favourite character was? or What they think might happen next? 


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