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šŸ˜Š Enjoy this weeks activities.

Daily Excercise - Get moving....................

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 Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you have had a good weekend and that you are safe and well

This final week before the summer holidays we are going to continue with our topic of  Under the Sea and take a look at pirates and mermaids.  What do you know about pirates and mermaids?  What do you know about sea creatures? If you have the opportunity to go to the seaside during the holidays look out for the different plants and creatures you may see there. Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you in September. Enjoy all the activities.     

 Don't forget to collect any lost property from school

Stay safe and well with your families. Mrs Longton

This week we are going to write the numbers 1 -10  on a treasure map. Can you recall all your numbers and write them in the correct order?  To make your treasure map look old and worn paint it with a small amount of coffee in some water.     


Have a go at some pirate themed science experiments

Pirate Science Experiments   Click Below V

Religious Education    picture


David and Goliath PP 


Iā€˜m Gonna Clap My Hands   <  Click Here 



(Make the sign of the cross and say our daily prayer)

The Lords Prayer


 Make a pirate face


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