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Fantastic Work


Well done to Dominik who cooked a lovely meal with his mum.

Gosia - craftsGosia bibleGosia - walk

Gosia has been keeping really busy at home. She has been doing lots of reading, crafting and exercising. Keep up the hard work Gosia!

title(5)Kairon - work on a Saturday

Kairon has been working so hard, he has even been doing his homework on a Saturday!

Great Job!

Dominik - English(1)

Dominik has been working hard at home - Keep this up!

Kairon BBC Bitesize

Kairon has been having a go at the BBC bitesize lessons and dare I say looks to be enjoying himself! Keep up the hard work Kairon!

Homework Superstars

Thank you for all of your hardwork. 

The homework superstars for Year 5 this week are:

Rowan, Macy, Karolina, Brandon, Brunela, Annalise, Naomi, Dominica, Kamil, Gosia, Dominik F, Dominik K, Gosia and Anita!

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