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Home School Learning Timetable

To help parents who may have to home school due to the Corona Virus, we have devised a timetable to help you plan your day.


9.00 Exercise Dance, Yoga, Aerobics
9.30 Maths Activity  
10.30 Snack & Exercise  
11.00 English Activity  
12.00 Lunch and Exercise  
1.00 Home Link Task  
2.00 Times Tables and Spelling  
2.30 Get Creative Art, Music, Drama, Coding
3.30 Exercise  

Please remember to read everyday.

Year 1



Please find the links to your daily Maths, English and Home link learning below. There is also a link for this week's spellings sheet and a powerpoint for you to look at. There is also a wordsearch for you to complete at any point during the week. 

This week as you know, is Holy Week. I have added a powerpoint to keep going through throughout the week. This will remind you of the special events leading up to Easter Sunday. I have added a link to a website that has ideas for activties you can do together. 

For Maths this week we are going to have a look at time. Today I have added a presentation on half past times, and then some jigsaw pieces to match up the correct time with the correct clock face. 

There is a book called Carrot club that I have added today. Can you please read this together, asking questions throughout. Then can I ask you to complete the Healthy Lunchbox activity. You can draw and describe what you would put in it. Remember capital letters, full stops and check your writing so it makes sense. 

I have also added a link to play a game related to time for you to have a go at as well. 


If you have any questions in these unprecedented times, please contact me through our email:


and add my name to the subject tab so it can be forwarded to me. 

Look after yourselves and stay safe. 

Vicky Garrard. 


Year 2


Here are some links to daily live lessons that will run on Youtube every day:

The Body Coach



Below is a link to today's daily maths, English and SPAG work. There is also a link to our weekly times tables test and our weekly class spellings:


This week we are focussing on different sentence types in our SPaG work. You can also try to use this in your English work. In English we are going to write a story about ourselves as a superhero!. All of the lessons this week will build up to writing your story on Thursday and Friday. In maths we are revisiting fractions.

If you have any questions, please contact me through our email:


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Marshall.


This week is Holy Week. Tomorrow we remember the story of The Last Supper. After reading the powerpoint presentation you could draw a storyboard to retell the story.


I'd love to see any work that you do so be sure to send them to:


homework@ourladyoflourdesschool.org.uk smiley

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