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Year 3 Library Visit

On 13th January 2016 Year 3 went on a visit to Huddersfield's Children’s library.

The children had the opportunity to take part in some activities linking to their topic of the stone age. They did cave painting and looked at some work linking to Stonehenge, as well as looking around the art gallery.

In the afternoon the children got the opportunity to become members of the library and were all issued with a library card so they can borrow books from the library for free.

They also read a book about the Stone Age Boy and completed some activities linking to this story. 

Here are some of the things the children said about the visit:

Evan:  I liked it when I had a task to do with Milo.  We had questions to answer and had to find the answers using fact sheets.  I like learning new information.


Darrius:  We did cave paintings and learnt lots about the stone age.  I loved the activity where we had to build Stonehenge.  I think it would have been really hard being a caveman because if you were pushing huge rocks you would need big muscles.

Charlotte:  I already had a library card so I just took my own with me to get some new books out.  My favourite part was when we did the cave paintings because I love to draw with oil pastels.  I’d love to go again.


Caleb: We went on a double decker bus to get there, and we got some library cards to take some books out.  We read a book about Stonehenge.  My favourite activity was when we got chance to read and look at books because I love reading.  We get to keep the books for three weeks!

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