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Meet the children on the School Council

Our Lady of Lourdes School Council


The school council at Our Lady of Lourdes School consists of twelve children. The children are elected by their class peers who vote for one boy and one girl to represent them and give the children a voice in our school.

We meet on a regular basis two or three times each term. These are the members of the school council.

Y1 - Hallie & Daniel

Y2 - Kuba & Martyna

Y3 - Ryan & Tianna

Y4 - Aaron & Ella

Y5 - Chase & Naomi

Y6 - Aminata & Piotr


This term the school council agreed that to make our school look nicer we needed more flowers. Some of the children wrote to Mr Rowan to ask if we could do this. We all came together and planted daffodil bulbs in different areas of the school where everyone would enjoy them in spring.

The school council also wanted to become more involved in recycling around the school. We have asked Mr Holmes (The school caretaker) to install recycling bins in every classroom. Members of the of the school council are going to monitor this.

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