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Reading Recovery

         Reading recovery is an internationally recognised intervention, designed to help young children in

        the very early stages of their education when they encounter difficulties learning to read.   

         As the barriers to children's learning are varied, the program is individualised for each child and

        carried out with a Reading Recovery teacher working with one child at a time.


The lessons include:

Reading familiar texts to build confidence and enjoyment;


From this,



to this!

Word and letter work to address any difficulties in this area;

A detailed record of how a child reads a book which has been introduced the previous day;


A short story or message, created and written by the child and then reconstructed from words written by their teacher;


Then finally, the detailed introduction of a new book followed by the child reading again.

The children attending Reading Recovery are expected to develop their reading skills at an enhanced rate, thus allowing them to work more independently and access the curriculum fully.

After 14 weeks, we asked three year one children who had been difficulties with reading and writing what they liked about reading recovery.