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Virtue of the Week - Perseverance and Resilience

We will be practising this from Monday 20th April until Friday 8th May 2020.


What does it mean?

To persevere is to do good when it becomes hard to do or obstacles are put in the way. A person with perseverance can be relied upon because they are committed to seeing things through to the end.


You persevere and you are resilient when:

  • You don’t let doubts stop you from trying.
  • You are not afraid because you know you are not alone.
  • You ask God to help you grow through your personal challenges.
  • You take one step at a time – you keep going!
  • You complete what you start.
  • You are a reliable classmate.

What example does Jesus set?

Many times Jesus was challenged whilst he carried out God’s work – in the desert, on the journey to the cross.  What would have happened if Jesus gave up?  Throughout his life Jesus showed his resilience by persevering to complete the tasks set for him by God the Father.

What does it mean?

To accept that there will be difficulties in life. To see these as a challenge and not to be discouraged. To search for your inner strengths and faith to get you through personal challenges.

Real Life Resilience

Watch how this Olympic athlete, Derek Redmond, shows resilience during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  Click the image to watch his race.

When have you been challenged?  What did you do? Did you have to do it alone?

Remember you are not alone!

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